On some services we make it possible for you to take your bicycle with you!

 You can take with you a normal sized bicycle  its weight not exceeding 15 kilogramms. We fasten the bicycle securely on a rack located on the back of the bus. 

The price of transporting your bicycle is 2 900 HUF / 9 € on Budapest-Florence line per bicycle and per journey.

The capacity of the bicycle rack is maximum 3 pieces therefore we ask you to inform us about your intention of taking your bicycle with you in advance on the links below: 

Bringing your bike with you on Budapest-Vienna line is furthermore possible but you can buy your ticket on the website of FlixBus and its Travel Conditions and prices apply (which can differ from those published on this site).

Methods of payment: 

In case you buty the ticket in the international ticket office you are entitled to take your bicycle with you by the copy of the receipt or invoice therefore we ask you to keep these documents and bring them with you for travel. 

Transport conditions: 

  • one passanger can only take 1 bicycle with him/herself;
  • there cannot be auxiliary accessories like baggage, basket bar or box on the bicycle;
  • we can take normal sized bicycles of which weight cannot exceed 15 kilogramms. We cannot take electric, tandem bicycles and trikes; 
  • we only take the bikes of the passangers so we do not transport a bicycle alone;
  • you have to present yourself with the bicycle at least 30 minutes before the departure at the coach. Would you not fulfill this condition we reserve the right to decline the transport of the bicycle in order to keep the scheduled departure time. We therefore ask you to arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure to the station and search for the driver of the bus;
  • only the driver can place the bicycles on the rack on only he can remove them; 
  • we do not bear responsibility of the bicycle nor of its contamination. Concerning insurance for the bicycle we ask you to turn to insurance companies;
  • we cannot overtake the transport of the bicycle in case the bicycle cannot be fastened according to road safety regulations, 
  • in case it is necessary by one or more bicycles to slue the handlebar with 90 degrees due to usage of space we ask you to do that;
  • bicycle tickets purchased in advance cannot be cancelled but can be modified together with the ticket of the passanger. We do not charge a fee for modifying the bicycle ticket.