No accident that Transylvania captivates every visitor. Despite vast changes in recent years, the region, now part of the European Union, still retains its uniquely rich traditions, cultural diversity and the legendary hospitality of its inhabitants. 


Brief information on some of the major cities covered by VOLÁNBUSZ-EUROLINES services

With an unmistakable metropolitan character and an architectural style conjuring up traditions from the beginning of the last century, this city offers visitors a wealth of sights, historical sites, monuments and, most importantly, a unique atmosphere. 
In the early 20th century, the city was the most lively intellectual and cultural centre in the then territory of Hungary. The great Hungarian poet Endre Ady also lived here for a few years. 

Abounding in the monuments and relics of Hungarian history and art history, Cluj-Napoca is a must see stop on every trip in Transylvania. From the birthplace of King Matthias to Házsongárd Cemetery providing a final reasting place fro many of the greatest figures of the Transylvanian culture, Cluj-Napoca is rich in well-known historical names popping up whereever you go, and the whole city has an atmosphere of both old times and timelessness.  

Famous for its salt mines for centuries, Turda is a renowned city as a venue of many outstanding historical events. Well-known to all, Turda Gap is Turda's most attractive landmark, together with the main square where all other sights and attractions of the town can be found.  

Targu Mures
As the largest Székely city, Targu Mures is a traditional cultural and commercial centre of the Székely people. Situated right in the middle of Targu Mures, the Roses Square is a spectacular place for the majority of the city's sights, restaurants and shops, with an atmosphere culminating on Sundays when it is closed to car traffic to become a pedestrianised square. 

Sovata is the most popular summer resort of Székely Land, sometimes called the "Székely Balaton". A stylish recreations area was built around the saltwater lakes of the spa town in the early years of the 20th century. The resort is located in the so-called "Sóvidék", which takes its name from the local thick subsurface layer of salt. 

Odorheiu Secuiesc: 
Because of the high proportion of Hungarian inhabitants, Odorheiu Secuiesc is widely held the "most Hungarian" Transylvanian city. Unlike other Székely cities, no concrete blocks of flats were raised to form a new city centre; instead, the original townscape has been essentially preserved. Odorheiu Secuiesc is a famous school and college town for centuries. The renowned Calvinist College was founded by Count János Bethlen in 1670. 

Miercurea Ciuc
The city became the administrative centre for Harghita County in 1968, with a new city centre built since then. It is a good candidate to become a kind of cultural and spiritual centre for the Székely in the future. The far-famed traditional Pentecost pilgrimage to Csíksomlyó, now being part of Miercurea Ciuc, is the largest Catholic religious event throughout Transylvania held every year. Csíksomlyó is a religious and spiritual centre for Catholic Székelys, with its significance comparable to that of the world's most famous pilgrimage sites. 







Bus services info


VOLÁNBUSZ / EUROLINES HUNGARY - together with its partner GIG Impex company - run bus services 4 times a week to Miercurea Ciuc. The buses depart from Népliget Bus Station Budapest, which is easily accessible by publich transport. 

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Timetable and stops on a map

    Valid from 15/11/2016  
3, 6 2, 5  Stops  
07:30 08:30 BUDAPEST, Népliget 21:00
07:50 08:50 BUDAPEST, Airport T2 Indulási szint/Dep. level bus stop* 20:40
10:55 11:55 DEBRECEN, bus station  17:35
11:05 12:05 DEBRECEN, Airport (entrance road) 17:25
13:45 14:45 ORADEA, Gara CFR local bus stop 16:45
16:40 17:20 CLUJ-NAPOCA 13:50
17:15 17:55 TURDA 13:10
19:00 19:15 TARGU MURES 11:45
20:00 20:15 SOVATA 10:20
20:15 20:30 PRAID 10:00
20:25 20:40 CORUND 09:50
20:50 21:05 ODORHEIU SECUIESC 09:25
21:20 21:30 VLAHITA 09:00
22:00 22:00 MIERCUREA CIUC 08:30
    Stops  3,4,6,7

* Provisory stop: only in case of passanger having prepurchased ticket

Departure and arrival times are shown as local times. 
During Christmas and New Year season timetable can be changed!