Built on stilts over shallow seawater, Venice had been an independent and self-contained power of the then world over a period of 1100 years from 697 on. Many palaces and churches as well as the priceless works of art kept in them bear witness to Venice’s unparalleled wealth. It is also worth getting familiar with the real Venetian life behind the glamour – you’ll find quiet streets with hard-working proud Venetians and enticing restaurants only a few hundred metres from St. Mark’s Square.

Firenze Firenze 

Important sights to see in Venice


Travel Tips and Advice

In the busiest periods, particularly for the Carnival in February, the Biennale (art festival) or the end-of-summer Venice Film Festival, you should book accommodation well in advance. Venice has two information offices (, one on St. Mark’s Square and the other on Giardini Ex Reali Square.

Bus Service Info

VOLÁNBUSZ / EUROLINES HUNGARY run bus services to Venice several times a week. The buses depart from Népliget Bus Station Budapest, which is easily accessible by public transport.

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Timetable and the stop in Venice on map

Timetable of Florence line until Venice (valid until 30/05/2017)
3, 5, 7 Stops  
20:30 BUDAPEST 08:00+
22:00 SIÓFOK 06:30+
23:45 NAGYKANIZSA 05:00+
4:00+ TRIESTE 00:15+
6:00+ MESTRE |
6:15+ VENICE 21:40
  Stops  1, 4, 6