Vienna had been the Capital of the Habsburg Empire for centuries, with the imperial residence of the powerful Habsburg dynasty dominating the history of Central Europe. Representative buildings, wide avenues and elegant parks throughout the city are all gems of this great historical heritage. The imperial city hosted lots of musicians and artists such as Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Klimt or Schiele whose artistic legacy continues to be faithfully preserved by the city’s fantastic concert halls and museums up to high standards.

Hungary’s history is closely linked to Vienna; it is no wonder that there are a number of Hungary-related monuments and memories from various eras throughout the city. For example, the crown that István Bocskai, the Prince of Transylvania, received from the Turkish Sultan is kept in the Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg Palace.

Firenze Firenze 

Important sights to see in Vienna


Travel Tips and Advice

It is not at all impossible to explore Vienna on foot but sometimes you should use the city’s simply transparent bus, tram and metro network. Trams 1 and 2 have their route running along the especially beautiful Ring Boulevard.

Bus Services Info

VOLÁNBUSZ / FLIXBUS runs bus services several times a day. Vienna is within 3 hours reach on board of our convenient buses with WiFi access.

You can board the buses at Népliget Bus Station Budapest, which is easily accessible by public transport. 

You can even take your bicycle with you on some of the services. You can buy the ticket for that together with your ticket on the website of FLIXBUS as well as in the international ticket office at Népliget bus station.

Timetable and the stop in Vienna on map